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Calvert's Events Kitchens adapt and overcome, we adapt to our surroundings and we overcome any problems.

Jamie Calvert - proprietor

Kitchen Hire by Calvert's kitchens

Calvert's Event Kitchens is in partnership with Yorkshire Chef Solutions!

This unit is 20ft long by 7ft wide by 7ft high. It has been designed by a chef with an extensive knowledge of the industry. The layout of the kitchen has been done in such away, it can be flexible and robust with multiple uses:


Music festivals

Theatre kitchen for cookery demonstrations. 

The equipment is 95% LPG Gas for easy use!

List of equipment:

1x large fridge

1x freezer

1x frier LPG

1x hot water boiler LPG

1x griddle LPG

1x wet Bain marine LPG

2x hot cupboard LPG

2x ovens LPG

10x Gas hobs LPG

2x induction hobs

1x stone pizza oven (hob converter)

Hand wash and prep/pot wash sinks

Gastro racking trolley. 

The unit has 2 large hatches at the front and also double doors located at the front of the unit with a single door to the rear.

All we wish is that our customers can enjoy a fully professional kitchen anywhere they please from Country show theatre kitchens to Music festival food stalls to the farmers field weddings we aim to place our event kitchens wherever you find necessary.

Email for more info.

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